What I’m Reading ~ Echoes at Dawn ~ Maya Banks

This is the fifth book of the KGI series.

Grace has been running for a long time. She knew better that to get caught but they found her, now something has happened and she’s free again, but weak. She doesn’t have the energy to run anymore, and she won’t be taken back.

Rio knew the moment he saw Grace on the video, and he volunteered to find her for her sister, Shea. Can he find her in time? Can he convince her to trust him? that she’s not like the people who’ve tortured her for so long?


What did I think? I really liked it. The characters were likable and believable. I stayed up until 2am to finish it, I had a very hard time putting it down.

4 howls.

What I’m reading ~ One Night Rodeo ~ Lorelei James

This is book four in the Blacktop Cowboys series.

Kyle and Celia wake up in Vegas, after an after concert party by their friend Dylan, to discover they’re married, to each other.  Celia is determined to get the marriage annulled, immediately, But Kyle has other ideas. He has been after her for a long time and now, if he can convince her to stay, even for a while, it might work out. When his mother calls and tells him that the father he never knew is on his death bed, he has the excuse he needs to delay the annulment. But can he convince her to stay long term?


What did I think?  Not bad. The verbal and emotional interaction between Kyle and Celia occasionally left me wanting, but their physical interaction kept me on the edge of my seat. I lost sleep reading this one.

Four howls.

What I’m reading ~ Obsidian ~ Laurann Dohner

This is the eighth book in the New Species series.

880 was comatose when the NSO found him, and in the months since he has healed, but not regained consciousness. The human doctor working for the NSO, Alison, has a theory, something she wants to try to wake him, but everyone she talks to refuses, so she takes matters into her own hands and kidnaps him, taking him to a rented farmhouse for a few days to see if he will get used to her scent and wake.  She knows that she’ll lose her job, and is risking imprisonment, but it’s worth the risk.

When NSO agents find where they are hiding, she knows she’s out of time, but no one is prepared for what happens next.


What did I think? I enjoyed it. I was so drawn in, so intrigued by the story that I stayed up past 2am to finish it, despite knowing I had to get up at 6.

My rating? 4 howls.

What I’m reading ~ Mesmerized ~ Lauren Dane

This is the second book in the Phantom Corps series.


Like a lot of others, Andrei was recruited to the Phantom Corps sitting in lock up. He trained hard and worked his way from an angry teenager looking for fights to be third in command of the elite military unit. But when a mission takes him back to his home world he can’t resist the trip to see what was left of his family, the ragtag group of survivors making in the harsh environment. What he hadn’t counted on was that Piper was still there, and still stirred the same feelings in him he’d left behind. Can he do his job, and keep her safe? What is she insists on staying with him?


What did I think? I liked it. Piper is tough, she can handle whatever’s thrown her way and makes sure that Andrei knows it. Not willing to let him rule her, and determined to live her life to the fullest, she does her best to take care of him at the same time.

What I’m Reading ~ The Perfect Play ~ Jaci Burton

This is the first book in the Play-by-play series.


Foot ball player Mick Riley is known for his plays on the field and having beautiful starlets on his arm off the field. But when he meets Tara Lincoln, a sexy single mom, it throws him. He wonders if it could be time for all that to end. Is she ready?


What did I think? I enjoyed it. Despite the sports theme, it was good. It kept me intrigued and interested The characters were real, they had personalities and flaws and it made you love them more because of it.

What I’m reading ~ Destiny Awaits ~ Jaidis Shaw

This is the first book in the Juniper Grover Chronicles.


After Alayna Scott is the only survivor of the horrific car accident that takes her parents lives, she’s determined to start over some place new. She buys a house and moves to Juniper Grove, only to discover that there’s more to the little town than she could have imagined. After an attack changes her forever, she’s forced to deal with the fact that not only do shifters exist, but so do vampires.


What did I think? I enjoyed it. I read the book in just a few hours, it was an intriguing story and it made me feel good to be supporting another Indie Author. I definitely recommend and may even give it to my 12 year old to read.

What I’m Reading ~ Kiss the Dead ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

This is the twenty-first book in the Anita Blake series.

Anita partners with Zerbrowski when a fifteen year old girl is taken by the vampires, the plan is to make her one of them. Anita soon finds a group of children and elderly vampires willing to do almost anything, including die, to avoid following a master vampire. But can they find them all in time?


What did I think? I’m less than impressed with this one. This is the first Anita Blake book that has ever taken me 10 days for the first reading.  I was bored. I think Ms. Hamilton has likely been writing Anita too long without a break and it shows. I’m glad that she’ll be writing another series before she comes back to Anita (who I admit, I’m quite fond of.) and I hope we’ll see the Anita I’ve come to know and love back.

What I’m Reading ~ Cyborg Seduction series ~ Laurann Dohner

Kissing Steel, Melting Iron, Touching Ice and Stealing Coal. In the last three days, have read all of these. This is a Sci/fi erotica series, set in space on a series of shuttles and ships, and occasionally on another planet. They follow the stories of four cyborgs, a people created by men, then determined to be too smart for the purpose they were created for so they were sentenced to death, only they escaped into space before the sentence could be carried out. They each encounter their own human woman and become involved with her.

Each story has it’s own twists and turns as each couple deals with their own issues.

What do I think? Obviously, since I keep reading them, I enjoy them. They aren’t the most involving or wittiest thing I’ve read but I like them.

What I’m Reading ~ Beauty ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

Beauty is a short excerpt from the Antia Blake series.


Anita walks in after a night of work, not work and finds Jean-Claude in the tub, waiting for her. Much sexiness ensues.


What did I think? I liked it, for what it was.

What was it? Well, it took me 20 minutes to read the entire thing. It was short, but Laurell said all along it was a sexy outtake from her next book Kiss the Dead.

What I’m Reading ~ Beneath the Skin ~ Lauren Dane

This is the third book in the de La Vega Cats series.


Gibson is the Bringer of the de La Vega jamboree. He is the law and judge that holds them together.  But when he is attacked on the street and hit with three silver bullets he is forced to rely on the woman who saves his life, if only for a short while.

Mia has some issues, she’s recovering from an attack that may well effect her for the rest of her life. But when another Jaguar is shot in front of her she can’t help but do the right thing. She takes him home and digs out the silver. But she couldn’t know how this stranger would change her life.


What did I think? I enjoyed it. I had a hard time putting it down. The characters were dynamic and likable. I cheered when they got things right and wanted to cry when they were hurting.