What I’m Reading ~ Backfire ~ Catherine Coulter

This is the 16th book in Coulter’s FBI Thriller series.

FBI Agent Dillon Savich receives a vague but ominous threat, while they’re trying to trace who might be after him, and why, a long time friend, and federal judge, Ramsey Hunt is shot in the back and nearly killed. Savich and his wife, fellow Agent Lacey Sherlock fly to San Francisco to help find whoever is trying to kill Hunt.

What did I think? I liked it, I love this series and usually fly through the books, unfortunately, I’m so busy with other things it took me a week to finish this. Savich and Sherlock are true to character, taking care of each other, their son and their friends while, at the same time, doing their job. This one kept me interested even when I had to put it down over and over.

4 howls

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