Demented Souls

Demented Souls is a motorcycle club, with a twist. They’re rough and rowdy, but not all bad. The Demented Souls series is designed so that each book can stand on it’s own, however, the experience will be richer if you read the series in order.

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RUGER is the first of the Demented Souls novels.

Ruger had his club and his brothers and that’s all he needed… Until the night Krissi walked into his bar. He was drawn to the woman like a Harley. He knew it was a mistake but he let her walk away. She haunted him. No other woman could replace her.

Krissi ran from her father and the life he chose to live. She should avoid the bar and the bikers inside, but Drifters pulled at her and the tattooed and mysterious bartender could become an addiction if she wasn’t careful.

When Demented Souls business affects Krissi, her past, and who her father is comes out. Ruger has to decide if he can trust her, not only with his secret but brothers’ secrets too. Can he trust her with their lives?

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