New Release ~ Cool Off

I joined an anthology recently, and it’s hit the stores! Right now it’s available everywhere, but soon it will go into Kindle Unlimited, but it’s only going to stay there for a limited time before it’s gone forever, so get your copies now!

Maybe you shouldn’t stare at a deliciously handsome man when he walks by you on the beach… but it’s a vacation, and summer. Doesn’t hurt that you’re single and available.

This anthology is guaranteed to keep you laughing, smiling, and wish you were on the beach enjoying the view. We won’t blame you if you want to binge all the stories because of the sultry plots and sexy heroes. Some wear trunks and other speedos… no judgments.

Authors Include:

Ashley Zakrzewski – USA Today & International Best Selling Author
Amy Stephens – USA Today & International Best Selling Author
Debra Elise – USA Today Bestseller
Tracy Broemmer
Jaycee Wolfe
Poppy Parkes
Pandora Snow
Layla Delaney
Barb Shuler
Chelle Rose
Melissa Stevens

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