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Home, for now

Yes, Just as it says, I’m home from the Romance Novel Convention and exhausted. But I don’t get to rest (at least not too much) before I turn around and head off again, this time to go camping for a week.

How was Las Vegas? Amazing. I met a bunch of people and made some great friends, and on top of that, I learned just as much! (And I managed to get 23 pages of handwritten stuff done! Now I just have to transcribe it!)

My notebook will go camping with me and I hope to get just as much written next week, we’ll see. I’m continuing to work on Ruger’s story so I  just hope he keeps talking to me.

How was your week?

Critique Partners or Groups

I love Kari, she’s a personal friend and what she says here is SO true.

Kari L. Trumbo

critique group
I’ve done it for sure. I’ve edited and tightened my manuscript until it shines. It has been lovingly and carefully submitted to the three agents I most wanted to work with. Unfortunately, all I have to show for it right now are saved emails with excellent advice and praise…but no contract. And it’s no one’s fault but my own.
I am disappointed in myself because I should have taken one major step (that I honestly thought I’d taken, but I’ll get to that later) that might have gotten me a yes from one of my desired agents, instead of the wonderful compliments and advice. I should have found a true critique partner.
I should have looked for someone within my genre of Adult, Christian Historical Fiction, focusing on someone looking for big-picture problems, not necessarily the nuances of writing. I should have found someone who reads books similar to the…

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Happy Independence Day!


As you probably know, I’m in the US and today is our Independence Day. Stay safe and have fun, but don’t forget to thank those who keep us this way.


And the flu eats a week of your life.

I can only be thankful that I didn’t have a project I was working on, or a deadline I was rushing to make. That disease called the flu but which would be more accurately named Creeping Coughing Crud attack me last week and it took me down hard.

A week later I’m almost over the worst of it. I still have a slight, lingering cough and a bit of a phlegm problem but it no longer makes me break out in a sweat to cross the room, or to move more than 3 feet from where ever I’ve been sitting, and I’m able to sleep flat again. Which means I’m back to sleeping in my own bed, always a plus in my mind.

My kids have just started their spring break, which means I’ll get to start rewrites as soon as school is back, next week. I’m hoping that goes well, and I can get Fight published by the end of the summer.

Writing and Music

I’ve learned in the few years that I’ve been writing seriously that music seems to help the process. Different types of music help in different ways, but they all help.

Up until this last summer I’ve listened to country music almost exclusively, but with some of the life events I found that I needed to change things up and I started asking friends for suggestions. Since then I’ve really expanded my music selection, and I’ve found that I have a fondness for music much harderthan I’ve ever listened to before.

While I still listen to artists like Jason Aldean and Christian Kane, I’ve discovered a love for Theory of a DeadmanGodsmack and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few.

I’ve also discovered that how you listen  to the music makes a difference. For some reason, headphones work better for me than speakers, even if I’m the only one in the house and it’s blasting louder than I would set my headphones.