The Kitsune are a race of shape shifters that have been living in secret alongside humans for as long as anyone can remember. Here are some of their stories.



After a life-threatening accident Nickie discovers that not only is there more to the world than she imagined, but she’s a part of it.









Nickie’s story continues. She learns more about what it means to be Kitsune, and struggles with some of the difficulties it brings into her life.







Nickie returns to town eager to get back to her life and routine but soon discovers that there are many more changes headed her way. After an old school friend is murdered, a threatening message is written on the news article about her death and left for Nicki. She begins to wonder if maybe her friend had been killed as a warning to her, but why?

Together, Nickie and Devon set out to figure out who is behind the murder and what it has to do with Nickie, can they do it before she gets hurt again?





The final book in the Kitsune series, Live begins as Nickie recovers from dealing with traumatic loss. Brandon is in custody, trying to earn pack redemption while helping locate a pair of killers. Then a pair of Kitsune from out of town show up asking for her help and Nickie realizes that word of what she does is spreading. Her life is changing, fast, but is it for the better? Nickie has t
o figure out what she wants and how to live but first she has survive what life’s throwing her way.


2 Comments on “Kitsune”

  1. Valerie Cook says:

    Read the first two and can’t wait to read the next two. Are there only 4 in the series about Nickie? See you Tuesday. Maybe?

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