What I’ve been reading ~ Ice Planet Barbarians

As I drive back and forth to work, I listen to audio books from the library. I decided recently to start sharing with you what I’ve been reading and what I think of it.
This week I ‘read’ Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon.
My rating is 3 out of 5.
It was a decent story, though much of it was very far fetched (but let’s face it, it’s an alien smut romance, I never expected it to be believable.)
So suspension of disbelief aside, Ice Planet Barbarians was enjoyable but not a can’t put it down romance. It’s the start of a series that I don’t feel driven to read the next book of. In my opinion, it’s one of the major things that keep it from being rated better. It’s just not gripping enough to keep me reading once I’ve finished this story.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

What I’m up to.

I’ve spent the last three days franticly trying to get ready for a week long camping trip. I had nothing done when Hubby decided on Sunday night that we need to leave Thursday afternoon.

I’m mostly done now, with a list firmly completed for the things I’ve not yet managed to complete… In my free moments during the day I’ve been working on the final revision of Choosing Happiness (which is now available for Pre order, check your favorite retailer!) and in the evenings I’ve been slowly working my way through Anne of the Island. (I was driven to re-read them by word of the death of Jonathan Crombie, who played Gilbert in all the mini-series. He was my first real crush and I still love him in so many ways. Anyway, I started in the beginning with Anne of Green Gables on Friday, finished it the same day, read Anne of Avonlea on Saturday… then panic struck.) I’ll take the rest of them with me so I can finish them while we’re gone…  I’m also working a little at a time on my two projects… I’m really liking the stuck on one switch to the other method.

I’ll try to make a trip to town and update you all on how things are going… Meanwhile, what’s up in your world?

What I’m reading ~ Dream Man series ~ Kristen Ashley

My latest reading obsession has been the Dream Man series by Kristen Ashley. I’ve just finished the third one, Law Man and every time I pick one up, I have a hard time putting it down for any reason. Last night, when I went to bed, I intended to read for twenty minutes or so, then go to sleep, because I had to get up early. I didn’t have a book I was in the middle of, so I started Law Man. I was immediately sucked in, and it wasn’t until about two hours later that I remembered I had to get up, by then I was going to get maybe four hours sleep.  Every book I’ve read in the series has been that way. I haven’t read any of her other series, but I plan to, she is just that good.