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Kitsune Series

Paranormal romance. The story of Nickie and how she discovers shapeshifters exist, and she is one. Best read in order.

White Mountain Chanat series

Paranormal romance. Cat shapeshifters. Each story stands alone.

City of Sin series

Paranormal Romance. Dragon Shapeshifters. You thought Vegas was run by the mob? Find out who really runs the City of Sin. Each story stands alone.

Demented Souls series

Contemporary Romance. Motorcycle club with a twist. Each book stands alone. Are you ready to ride with the Demented Souls?

Diamond Bridal Agency

Contemporary Romance. Where does the discerning billionaire go when he needs a bride? Where else? The Diamond Bridal Agency. Each book stands alone.

Pelican Lake Trilogy

Contemporary Romance. The tales of three siblings and one summer on the shores of Pelican Lake. plus a bonus novella. Each of the first three stands alone, novella is more of an extended epilogue for all three.

Highland County Heroes series

Contemporary Romance. Welcome to Highland County, New Mexico, where we take our heroes seriously. Each book stands alone.

Hawthorne Wyoming Series

Contemporary Romance. Welcome to Hawthorne, Wyoming. Small town with small town values, and more than a little hanky panky. Each book stands alone.

Stand Alone Stories

Contemporary Romance.