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King Arthur, Legend of the Sword

Now that the kids are older, the old man and I manage to get out more. Sometimes we go watch a sporting event, which is what he likes to do. (Okay, so he watches whatever event and I sit there with my notebook or laptop and work while we take our time eating.) But sometimes, we go see a movie, I had gotten to the point that I didn’t care to go to the theater, because it’s more comfortable to wait until whatever it is comes out on disc and watch it at home… Until recently. A few months ago one of the theaters in town remodeled so that all 7 of their screens now have recliners. These, I love. Now I’m happy to get out of the house for a bit and go see a movie.

My first choice recently? King Arthur, Legend of the Sword.

Despite what my children and the old man think, I didn’t choose the movie because it stars Charlie Hunnam. Though he was a very nice bonus. The story was good, it was a different twist on the old King Arthur tale that kept me interested the whole time and didn’t totally disregard the original. I really enjoyed it, not only for the eye candy but that was good too. The action was good, the twist in the tale was good, it even kept you guessing just a little because you didn’t know what they’d changed and how that fit into the story.

Overall? I’m waiting for a sequel!

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Rachel’s brother’s gone missing and behind the scenes in Las Vegas is a big place to be lost. A strange meeting at a party could lead her to finding her brother…or a mate.

Chris has been hunting for his step-sister. He’s only recently taken over the werewolf Fraction and is trying to bring everyone back together and find his sibling. What he wasn’t expecting was for his search to find his mate. A dragon shifter.

But can it work if she’s a dragon and he’s a werewolf?

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After Midnight, City of Sin book 1, is LIVE!

after midnight coverTobias

I wasn’t looking for a relationship, never even crossed my radar. Then one night in a crowded room, I caught a scent that seeped into my marrow. I followed it and found the shock of a lifetime. Someone was playing frigging tricks on me. She is Vampire and I’m Were. She is forbidden to me. But I never did do rules.


I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Hell, I’d never really even had a boyfriend. My daddy dearest would make anyone who looked at me sideways disappear, permanently. Then one night in a crowded room, I heard a voice. The resonation vibrated soul deep. I could not turn away. But he’s Were and I’m of the old blood. My father’s going to kill him when he finds out a Were has claimed me

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