What I’m Reading ~ Cyborg Seduction series ~ Laurann Dohner

Kissing Steel, Melting Iron, Touching Ice and Stealing Coal. In the last three days, have read all of these. This is a Sci/fi erotica series, set in space on a series of shuttles and ships, and occasionally on another planet. They follow the stories of four cyborgs, a people created by men, then determined to be too smart for the purpose they were created for so they were sentenced to death, only they escaped into space before the sentence could be carried out. They each encounter their own human woman and become involved with her.

Each story has it’s own twists and turns as each couple deals with their own issues.

What do I think? Obviously, since I keep reading them, I enjoy them. They aren’t the most involving or wittiest thing I’ve read but I like them.

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