Camp Nano, Days 4 and 5

Yesterday just got away from me. I had lots of household chores I needed to get done, and I ended up not managing to get my word count in (though I did get enough in to not actually be ‘behind’)

This morning I got right back to it and made some great progress, I hit my daily goal and set out to see if I could make up for what I failed to make yesterday.

It took me 3500 words to do it, but I’m back up to where I want to be for today (While NaNo sets the goal of 1667 words per day, my personal goal is a minimum of 2k words a day.) I finished with not much time to spare (under an hour left in the day!) but my daily average word count is 2006! I did it.

Now I can relax for a bit, maybe read a little, maybe brood on what I need to get written tomorrow.

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