What I’m Reading ~ The Perfect Play ~ Jaci Burton

This is the first book in the Play-by-play series.


Foot ball player Mick Riley is known for his plays on the field and having beautiful starlets on his arm off the field. But when he meets Tara Lincoln, a sexy single mom, it throws him. He wonders if it could be time for all that to end. Is she ready?


What did I think? I enjoyed it. Despite the sports theme, it was good. It kept me intrigued and interested The characters were real, they had personalities and flaws and it made you love them more because of it.

What I’ve been reading ~ Devlin Dynasty ~ Jaci Burton

Running Mate, Fall Fury, and Mountain Moonlight. 

This series follows the stories of a set of siblings, the Devlins, a family full of alpha werewolves. The family has a plan, one that sends each of the children to different places to find their mates and establish territories of their own. These books follow the stories of three of the four brothers, as they meet the women destined to become their mates. They all struggle with coming to terms with the unexpected location of their mate, at the same time dealing with the same issues in their mates. Added into the mix is the complications of shapeshifting and driving sexual instincts. 


What did I think?  I enjoyed them. They were intriguing and entertaining. Very fast reads I’ve read all three in the last twenty-four hours. I would read more of her books.