What I’m reading ~ One Night Rodeo ~ Lorelei James

This is book four in the Blacktop Cowboys series.

Kyle and Celia wake up in Vegas, after an after concert party by their friend Dylan, to discover they’re married, to each other.  Celia is determined to get the marriage annulled, immediately, But Kyle has other ideas. He has been after her for a long time and now, if he can convince her to stay, even for a while, it might work out. When his mother calls and tells him that the father he never knew is on his death bed, he has the excuse he needs to delay the annulment. But can he convince her to stay long term?


What did I think?  Not bad. The verbal and emotional interaction between Kyle and Celia occasionally left me wanting, but their physical interaction kept me on the edge of my seat. I lost sleep reading this one.

Four howls.

What I’m Reading ~ Kissin’ Tell ~ Lorelei James

This is the thirteenth book in the Rough Riders series.


Tell McKay has had a crush on Georgia Hotchkiss since they were both in high school, but he knew he never had a chance. She was too involved with her jealous boyfriend. Ten years later fate smiles on Tell when Georgia comes back to Sundance. She came because of her job, but can he give her a reason to stay?


What did I think? It was hot. Not as kinky as some of the Rough Riders books, but very good. The story of Tell and Georgia and how they’ve both grown up and into themselves, is great.