What I’m Reading ~ Kiss the Dead ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

This is the twenty-first book in the Anita Blake series.

Anita partners with Zerbrowski when a fifteen year old girl is taken by the vampires, the plan is to make her one of them. Anita soon finds a group of children and elderly vampires willing to do almost anything, including die, to avoid following a master vampire. But can they find them all in time?


What did I think? I’m less than impressed with this one. This is the first Anita Blake book that has ever taken me 10 days for the first reading.  I was bored. I think Ms. Hamilton has likely been writing Anita too long without a break and it shows. I’m glad that she’ll be writing another series before she comes back to Anita (who I admit, I’m quite fond of.) and I hope we’ll see the Anita I’ve come to know and love back.

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