What I’m Reading ~ Echoes at Dawn ~ Maya Banks

This is the fifth book of the KGI series.

Grace has been running for a long time. She knew better that to get caught but they found her, now something has happened and she’s free again, but weak. She doesn’t have the energy to run anymore, and she won’t be taken back.

Rio knew the moment he saw Grace on the video, and he volunteered to find her for her sister, Shea. Can he find her in time? Can he convince her to trust him? that she’s not like the people who’ve tortured her for so long?


What did I think? I really liked it. The characters were likable and believable. I stayed up until 2am to finish it, I had a very hard time putting it down.

4 howls.

What I’m Reading~ Colters’ Daughter ~ Maya Banks

Colters’ Daughter is the third book in the Colters’ Legacy series.


Callie is the only child of Adam, Ethan, Ryan and Holly of Colter’s Woman and Colters’ Wife.

She’s followed her restless soul all over the world but always ends up back home. When Max, a ghost from her past, shows up in her brother’s bar where she’s working, she gives him her best right hook, leaving him with no doubt how she feels.

But Max has something to say and he won’t take no for an answer. Can he convince her to at least listen to what he has to say?


What did I think? It was good. Realistic interpersonal relationships and great erotic scenes. I’ve read all the other Colter’s Legacy books and was eager to read this one. I liked Callie, and Max was a decent dominant. What I didn’t like was how easily she fell at his feet forgiving him. If I’ve spent months hurting and being angry at you, I’m not going to change my mind and forgive you in an hour or two. Simply not going to happen.