Where has the last month gone?

I’m not entirely sure but I’ve been busy!

I picked up a part time job, this one from home and not nearly as demanding as the last one, which leaves me with more time to write and do all those author related things.

Oh, the Kentucky Derby was in there too, I went to Rillito Race Track in Tucson and worked that.

I’ve sent Revealed by Desire off to the editor, and gotten Ruger back (which is all submitted and ready for release next week!! YAY!!) I’m working on Redeemed by Desire and I’ve formatted and uploaded the finals of Released by Desire to all platforms, so it’s ready for it’s release in July. Oh, let’s not forget, I’m also working on the basic outlines for the next WMC book and the next Demented Souls book.

I’m planning my family party for my birthday next week (it’s a pool party at my moms,) a trip for some of the kids and my old man next month and my family camping trip in July… oh, have I mentioned that the old man is taking me to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary? That will be this year too… and it’s one more thing I’m working on planning.

I know there’s been more going on here but I’m afraid to think to hard because I’m already freaking out over too much. I’ll get through it, I always do.

What are you up to?

I’d dance naked

around the house but my teenagers have people over and it would embarrass them.

Why am I so happy? Because I sent book 8 off to my editor this afternoon! I also sent all the info to my cover designer too… know what that means? I have a title! How long should I wait before I share that with you?

Revision, Editing and Plotting.

Yes, I’m in the middle of all three of those. Revisions of the last half of my next release, Jade’s Peace (scheduled for release January 20th, 2014,) edits on the first half of the same, and plotting Kitsune #4 (yet to be titled).

All of that among the usual craziness that is my life… Softball and baseball practices and games that keep me out of the house at least four nights a week, if not six or seven, kids too and from school, homework, projects, Hubster’s ever-changing schedule. Some days I just want to go back to bed and sleep for the rest of the day. Once in a while I get a little extra sleep, but not often enough to suit me. Instead I just keep going, what other choice do I have?

Edits and Change paperback.

I’ve finished the edits to Change. Yes, I’ve done them more than once, but I’ve found there were still a lot of issues in it, so I had it redone. The ebooks will be updated in the next few days, and I’m working on a paperback edition of the same book!!

I’ve got it mostly done, but these things take time. I will however reveal the cover for the paperback edition of Change, when my Facebook Page reaches 50 likes! Get to sharing and we’ll soon see the cover!

As for Fight, I’m still working on those edits, however I’m hoping to be able to set things up so that the ebook edition and the paperback edition come out at the same time! The cover to that one’s not done yet, so we’ll have to have another reveal when it is!

Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 26.

Well, my train has officially been de-railed. A day of cleaning and packing, 2 days of travel and a day of recovery and I’m around 8,000 words behind. Could I work hard and catch up? Yes, I could do it. However, in today’s mail I received the copy-edits of Fight, and another for Change. Instead of working to catch up on my Camp NaNo project I’m going to work on getting my edits done.

Getting all the edits done will mean two things. Number one, I can publish Fight, get it out there for those I know are eager to see it. Number two is that I am hoping to get the paper editions ready to go to print. We all want paper copies, right?

So off I go, not to write but to input edits. But in the end it’s still progress. Psst.. How long will it take to do the edits on 2 books?

Relaxing Evening.

I spent last night with the family, we were all home and didn’t have other engagements or plans, we just spent time together. It was great.

After the House Apes were in bed, Monster Man and I watched the Netflix disc that had come in the mail earlier in the day. We settled in on the sofa, my knitting in hand, and prepared for some together time.

We watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was far more drama and though provoking than I had expected, and not my usual preference. I admit it, I’m partial to shoot-‘em-up (or even hand to hand combat style) action films.

That said, it was a good movie. They took an intriguing story and made a well made, well performed movie. I was a little turned off by the foreboding sense of ‘this is where we are headed,’ feeling I got, but I still enjoyed the film.

I recognized several faces, John Lithgow from so many things, James Franko from the Spiderman movies, Brian Cox whom I remember most from the X-Men movies, and Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy. I’d really love to see Felton in a roll where you liked his character for a change, I think he would be very likable if he were to play a good guy for a change (if he has played one in the past,  I haven’t seen it.)

All in all, I thought it was an okay movie, nothing to rave about but not a total waste of time either. This morning, the disc is already in the mailbox, hopefully I’ll like the next movie better… In the mean time, I’m off to rearrange my queue, and then maybe finish my edits.

Making good progress

on editing Change. I should have absolutely no problem making my projected publication date (Jan 31st.)

Things will move much more swiftly once the kids are back in school on Monday.