The Devil’s in the Details…

All of them. I’m sure you know I’ve been working on revisions (I’ve certainly not made any secret of it.) In revisions or rewriting you play with a lot of details, make sure some of them are consistent and others vary. It takes time and sometimes it can be tedious, but it always pays off in the end. Personally I go over every manuscript at least five times, sometimes more, before I let anyone else read it.

Am I the only one this obsessive?

Revision, Editing and Plotting.

Yes, I’m in the middle of all three of those. Revisions of the last half of my next release, Jade’s Peace (scheduled for release January 20th, 2014,) edits on the first half of the same, and plotting Kitsune #4 (yet to be titled).

All of that among the usual craziness that is my life… Softball and baseball practices and games that keep me out of the house at least four nights a week, if not six or seven, kids too and from school, homework, projects, Hubster’s ever-changing schedule. Some days I just want to go back to bed and sleep for the rest of the day. Once in a while I get a little extra sleep, but not often enough to suit me. Instead I just keep going, what other choice do I have?

Oops. It’s only partly my fault.

I’ve been working on a project I started several months ago, it was written in bits and pieces, then set aside for several months. In the mean time, I’ve had several more thoughts and I have a much better idea of where the overall story is going, so I had to start at the beginning and make some storyline corrections, move some things around, insert missing pieces, etc.

To do this I printed out what I had and I’m approaching it much like a rewrite. It’s working really well. I’m getting a lot done. But there’s a down side. I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing that when I got a permission slip from the school for one of the kids, without thinking about it, I went over it with my red pen.


I will take part of the blame, it isn’t the most socially acceptable thing to do. However, why are teachers distributing things with content errors? The big one that I remember, and I’ll paraphrase here because I don’t remember the exact wording was something like this

Please submit advance permission, the children who are going need to reply early.

I underlined advance and reply early and noted that they were redundant. It was more so than my example but I sent the paper back and I can’t look it up. I did attach a post-it apologizing, saying I’m in the middle of revisions and it carried over. I’ve met with the teacher several times and she’s aware of what I do. Still.

I’ll take the blame for being rude, but I still feel it needed to be pointed out.

Lost in a never-ending chasm of rewrites.

At least it seems like it. For the last several weeks (pretty much since the first of the year,) I’ve been working on revisions of several projects. I move back and forth, rotating with whichever is on my mind at the moment.

I have had a couple of new ideas, I took careful notes and I’m letting them build, but they’re not quite ready yet. In the mean time, I have deadlines and a publication date to meet, so revisions it is. Revisions are just as important as drafting, as they’re where you make it good. First drafts are crappy, they’re supposed to be crappy, but through revisions and rewriting we turn crappy drafts into something that sparkles and shines.

To me, progress on revisions is less obvious. At the end of the day you don’t have a significant word count added to what you started with, and if, like me, you don’t work in software that gives you pages(except for the final revision), you don’t have a page finished count. That doesn’t mean it’s not just as, if not more, important.

So back I go into my seemingly bottomless pit of revisions. When I come out I’ll have at least one fresh, clean manuscript ready for the publisher.


How do you do it?