Where has the last month gone?

I’m not entirely sure but I’ve been busy!

I picked up a part time job, this one from home and not nearly as demanding as the last one, which leaves me with more time to write and do all those author related things.

Oh, the Kentucky Derby was in there too, I went to Rillito Race Track in Tucson and worked that.

I’ve sent Revealed by Desire off to the editor, and gotten Ruger back (which is all submitted and ready for release next week!! YAY!!) I’m working on Redeemed by Desire and I’ve formatted and uploaded the finals of Released by Desire to all platforms, so it’s ready for it’s release in July. Oh, let’s not forget, I’m also working on the basic outlines for the next WMC book and the next Demented Souls book.

I’m planning my family party for my birthday next week (it’s a pool party at my moms,) a trip for some of the kids and my old man next month and my family camping trip in July… oh, have I mentioned that the old man is taking me to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary? That will be this year too… and it’s one more thing I’m working on planning.

I know there’s been more going on here but I’m afraid to think to hard because I’m already freaking out over too much. I’ll get through it, I always do.

What are you up to?

And summer begins….

At least summer break. The kids are out of school, and my extra has gone to spend some time with her sisters. The old man is gone for a couple weeks with the military and I’m hoping to get lots done in between trips to the swimming pool and getting the trailer ready for our next trip.

I’ve got a list of projects to work on and an announcement coming soon. Stay tuned!

Annual Camping Trip Pt. 2

Tuesday was better, it was warmer and the wind blew, not enough to be miserable but enough to help the roads dry out some. There were a few sleet storms in the afternoon,but nothing accumulating.

Wednesday was pretty dry, the wind blew enough to dry out the roads a little more. The old man took the kidlets fishing, and they brought back a few, not a huge catch but respectable. We built a fire, cooked had s’mores and it was a good day. I got a lot of work done.

Thursday we decided to head home. The old man got up and took the brats fishing.. I packed up most of camp, got some writing and more editing done… packed up more of camp… They came back with the family record of fish..he was 19.5” long trout (rainbow I think but don’t quote me..here’s a pic.)


We didn’t have a scale to weigh it before it was cleaned and beheaded… but without a head and guts it weighted 2lbs exactly. We figure pre-cleaning it was at least 3lbs. The 9yo was thrilled… the 40 was over the moon. The 13yo was tickled (officially the 9yo caught it, it was his pole, but he couldn’t reel fast enough to land it, his dad had to help.)

So we headed down off the mountain and I went to Tucson. I had to pick up the older girls and work on Saturday… So we spent part of Friday in the pool, it was a great way to kick back and relax. Saturday evening I came home. I was glad to sleep in my own bed. I needed it.

Annual Camping Trip, part two.

This post was written on 5/15 and posted after I returned.

We’ve been up here for about five days now, honestly, I’m losing count. The only way I’m able to keep track of the days and the date is my laptop, which I’m charging in the truck each night so I have the battery to write with the next day. Speaking of writing, I’m doing well, closing in on the end of this tale!

The weather has been nice, at least I think so, mostly temps in the mid-60’s though yesterday it clouded over and rained a bit. Hubster complained about the rain, I thought it was nice. I’m reminded how much I’d like to live up here. Maybe in town (Springerville,) or outside it, where I would have power and internet service, not up here at the lake where I have neither.

While the fishing hasn’t been great, they did catch enough to have for dinner last night. No, I haven’t been fishing yet, and I may not go this trip. It’s not that I don’t like fishing, but that I detest the 40 mile hike out to Hubster’s favorite fishing spot. Okay, so it’s probably closer to half a mile, but it’s over rough ground that turns my ankle, besides I’m having a hard time breathing in the elevation this trip, I don’t want to risk it. If were going to be here longer I’d get used it better, but as it stands I’m content to stay at camp and do things here.

Nothing hugely thrilling over the last few days, we’ve been able to have a camp fire each night and cook dinner over it and the kids are loving s’mores and roasting marshmallows. We’ll be here until either Saturday or Sunday, so that means either three or four more days. I’ll enjoy them, but I’ll also be glad to get home, not the heat (it was 106 there yesterday!) but my bed and my shower, those I’ve missed. And my email, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s missed me having regular access to my email.

Camp Nano

It’s here, well, almost. Tomorrow is the official start of the first month of Camp Nano, and yes, I’m participating. The kids are home, and we have lots to do this summer, but I’m going to try it anyway. I’m hoping it will be a good motivator to get at least the first half of the third Kitsune book drafted out.

In the mean time, I’ll work on my outline and plan how the book should go… Maybe that will help me some.