And summer begins….

At least summer break. The kids are out of school, and my extra has gone to spend some time with her sisters. The old man is gone for a couple weeks with the military and I’m hoping to get lots done in between trips to the swimming pool and getting the trailer ready for our next trip.

I’ve got a list of projects to work on and an announcement coming soon. Stay tuned!

NaNo ‘12, day 7

Yesterday was very busy, and at the end, very stressful, and I only managed about 300 words. This is why on days that things go well, I push to get more words than I really need, to make up for days like yesterday. Even  though I had a day with very little progress, I’m still not behind. I know I can do this, even if I have more hard days.

We are starting the second week, which, traditionally, is one of the most difficult. We tend to lose momentum, to get bogged down in life and get behind. I have to keep in mind that I need to push through it and keep going, once we get through week two it gets easier. I promise.

NaNo ‘12 Day 6

*sigh* it’s been a really long day. I was out and about for most of the day from 10:00am until after 8:30pm, but I still managed to make 1300 words. While it’s not the daily goal of 1667, I’m not complaining. I’m still a day ahead, and it was good progress. But I’m hoping for a better (and less crazily busy) day tomorrow.

NaNo ‘12, Day 5

2200 words today. It’s good progress. Not huge, but good. I’m running about a day a head, and making slow gains for more. This is good, as the story progresses and things get closer to the holidays my gains will slow. I’m pleased.

NaNo ‘12, Day 4

I had a difficult day yesterday, I didn’t make the 1667 daily average, however, I did make enough to keep from falling behind.

Today has been much better, I’ve managed just over two thousand words, and I’m working on rebuilding my buffer. I’m hoping for another good day tomorrow.

NaNo ‘12 Day 1

At the end of day one, (well, not the end of the day, but the end of the writing day) I’m sitting at just over 2500 words. It’s a good place. A little over the average needed of 1667 a day, and if I can maintain 2500 words a day for a few days, I’ll have a good buffer, in case I miss a day when life just gets too crazy.

I’m happy with it.

Camp Nano, Day 19

Today was a great day. I knew where I was going this morning when I sat down and I managed 1500 words before I had to leave for an appointment. This evening I came back and managed another thousand words. I’m not just on schedule I’m a little bit ahead. I’m hoping it continues. Days like this are so much easier than the ones where you struggle for every word.