Relaxing Evening.

I spent last night with the family, we were all home and didn’t have other engagements or plans, we just spent time together. It was great.

After the House Apes were in bed, Monster Man and I watched the Netflix disc that had come in the mail earlier in the day. We settled in on the sofa, my knitting in hand, and prepared for some together time.

We watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was far more drama and though provoking than I had expected, and not my usual preference. I admit it, I’m partial to shoot-‘em-up (or even hand to hand combat style) action films.

That said, it was a good movie. They took an intriguing story and made a well made, well performed movie. I was a little turned off by the foreboding sense of ‘this is where we are headed,’ feeling I got, but I still enjoyed the film.

I recognized several faces, John Lithgow from so many things, James Franko from the Spiderman movies, Brian Cox whom I remember most from the X-Men movies, and Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy. I’d really love to see Felton in a roll where you liked his character for a change, I think he would be very likable if he were to play a good guy for a change (if he has played one in the past,  I haven’t seen it.)

All in all, I thought it was an okay movie, nothing to rave about but not a total waste of time either. This morning, the disc is already in the mailbox, hopefully I’ll like the next movie better… In the mean time, I’m off to rearrange my queue, and then maybe finish my edits.

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