Camp Nano, Day 19

Today was a great day. I knew where I was going this morning when I sat down and I managed 1500 words before I had to leave for an appointment. This evening I came back and managed another thousand words. I’m not just on schedule I’m a little bit ahead. I’m hoping it continues. Days like this are so much easier than the ones where you struggle for every word.

Camp Nano, Day 18

I managed less than a thousand words today. Some days are just like that. On the upside, thanks to the extra I got done last night, I’m still on target for the month. I’m going to call it a night, and go lay down with my notebook, see if I can work out where things will go tomorrow.

Oh.. If anyone knows where I can buy a downloadable (not streaming) digital copy of the movie Armageddon (the one with Bruce Willis) I’d love to know. I really want to put it on my Fire for sound blocking while I work.

Camp Nano Days 16 and 17

Some days are easier than others. Last night I barely made the month to date goal and I was falling asleep at the keyboard. In an effort to avoid a Twilight, I gave in and went to bed.

Today things have gone better. I’ve gotten the daily goal, and my personal goal, and I’m still going strong. I’ll probably work as long as things continue to flow. If I can figure out where things are going from here I should be able to write for several days. Fingers Crossed.

Camp Nano, Day 15

Doing good, I seem to be back in the flow. Managed just over 2200 words today, and that included four hours away at a birthday party! I’ve got some good things going and I can’t wait to get back to it in the morning!

Camp Nano, Day 14

Sluggish day. I managed just over 2k, including the carryover from midnight last night. On the plus side, I’m slightly ahead of the month to date goal. Not too bad for working on a short night’s sleep. I’m ready to crash. If I can get the puppy to share my bed.

Camp Nano, Day 13

I had a busy day, and things weren’t flowing as well as I would have liked. I only managed about 1300 before day turned over and my word count started over again. I’m still hard at work and I have a bit to go before I crash for the night.

Camp NaNo, Day 12

Made some good progress today. I managed to not only do today’s words but enough extra that I’m all caught up! Now I can work on building back up my buffer so that a short day or a day where I’m too busy to make words doesn’t put me behind again.