Camp NaNo Day 3

Things went much smoother today, I knew where I was going and what needed to be done and I managed to get 2100 words in just over three hours. Could I continue today? Yeah, things are moving great, I could keep going with little difficulty. Will I continue today? I’m not sure yet. I have several other things I need to do, including finishing the guest blogging article I started yesterday. If I get it all done and still have time, I’ll go back to writing, if not, I know where I’m going when I start tomorrow.

Camp NaNo Day 2.

It wasn’t an easy day. I struggled my way through a tough and emotional scene, but in the end I conquered it. I even managed to clear over two thousand words today. YAY!!

And let’s not forget, I also managed about half of an article for a guest appearance on a book blog next week. A big accomplishment for the day.

I’m ready to kick back and read something for fun, let my brain rest…

Camp Nano

It’s here, well, almost. Tomorrow is the official start of the first month of Camp Nano, and yes, I’m participating. The kids are home, and we have lots to do this summer, but I’m going to try it anyway. I’m hoping it will be a good motivator to get at least the first half of the third Kitsune book drafted out.

In the mean time, I’ll work on my outline and plan how the book should go… Maybe that will help me some.