NaNoWriMo ‘14 Day 3

Day 3 has arrived… it also happens to be the first week day. Where I don’t have a house full of kids and hubby. I have time and space to think of more than what do they want/need now. I had the 1667 words before 8am and I’m continuing to add to the count as the day continues. Stalker Puppy is trying to help, but he’s more of a hindrance.

Camp NaNo Day 3

Things went much smoother today, I knew where I was going and what needed to be done and I managed to get 2100 words in just over three hours. Could I continue today? Yeah, things are moving great, I could keep going with little difficulty. Will I continue today? I’m not sure yet. I have several other things I need to do, including finishing the guest blogging article I started yesterday. If I get it all done and still have time, I’ll go back to writing, if not, I know where I’m going when I start tomorrow.