Camp NaNo, Day 6

Dear Mom and Dad,

Why on earth did I ask to come here? All they ever do is write. Everywhere I turn people are talking about word counts and plot bunnies, I can’t escape.

Yesterday I tried to drown myself in the lake, just to get away from it, and a counselor grabbed me by the hair, and pulled me out. “You’ll never make your word count that way.” She chided before leaving me laying on the shore of the lake as she rushed off to work on her own novel.

Instead of crafts, sports and games we have word wars and plotting sessions. Tell me why did I think this would be fun?

Next year, if I ask to come back,  please, lock me in my room until the urge passes.

Your Daughter,


Okay, so not really, I’m actually really enjoying Camp Nano and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Possibly in August, and definitely in November.

As for how things are going? Great. I had no trouble reaching (and surpassing) my personal goal of 2k words today. I still know where I’m going and what comes next so tomorrow should go well too.