Who Wants a Free Book?

I’ve got one that I’m giving away… and not just one copy but a bunch, to anyone who wants to go download it. Who’s in?

It’s easy, just click on the link for Robin’s Nest and get yours now!

New York Times list.

So here it is. I’ve been waiting for the list to be put up in the NYT site, but it is this morning. It’s official Wicked After Dark hit #13 on the NYT bestseller’s list.

NY Times

Here’s a shot of the list. I found out a couple days ago but I was waiting for the list to be on the site to post it here.. I’m still floating on cloud 9.

It’s here~ Wicked After Dark

Wicked After Dark that is. Are you tired of hearing me talk about it yet? You could be but it will be over soon. I promise. Here’s all the info.

20 great paranormal romance books for only 99c and all the proceeds go to the Epilepsy Foundation. It’s out now!  Here’s where to get yours B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Amazon It’s only available for a limited time!

avalible now, WAD

I did it!

The first draft is done, before my deadline too! Now I’m focusing on NaNoWriMo Prep. I’m once again a NaNo ML so I’m planning for my book and giving a series of classes to help others to be ready for NaNo. Oh, and research. Research is my friend these days. I’m looking at doing something totally different for NaNo this year so I’m trying to get all my research done ahead of time, or at least gathered and ready to check when I run across a question.

Are you planning on doing NaNo this year?

That part where it just clicks

and the story starts writing itself? I love that part. When the characters take over and things start appearing on the screen before you’re even aware of thinking them.

Or when it’s bedtime and you’re lying in bed and can’t sleep for the ideas and details that just jump into your brain. That’s the stage I’m in with this WIP. I’m loving it and hoping it lasts because I’d love to finish this by the 15th so I can move on to plotting out my NaNo book.

My Dilemma……

I’ll admit I may have a bit of an obsession with checking my review numbers on Goodreads. and I’m not talking a small one. I KNOW the number of total reviews and when a new one shows up I am compelled to check every book listing till I figure out where it is. If it’s not showing yet and I can’t find it, it makes me crazy.

I know this is not good. I know I should just be able to not care.. (I don’t check Amazon, B&N, or any other site this way, just GR.) I can delay the obsession a little by not opening GR until there’s a reason, like needing to rate a book I’ve read, but once I’m in I can’t resist checking my numbers and hunting down new reviews. I don’t have to respond or comment on them, but I HAVE to check them.

Any suggestions to keep me away?

Greenlee County Fair

I had an outstanding time. I got to see and spend time with more friends and family than I have in years, even better than the school reunion last year.

I came home tired and sore (standing on a cement floor for 12 hours straight for several days does that to me, I must be getting old) but happy and relaxed. Even after the long drive home.

There’s a county fair here in Yuma, but it’s way too big to suit me. I like the little one I grew up with. It would be nice to take my kids, but it was wonderful to get away and not have that responsibility for a couple days too.

Who pays an author?

This afternoon I read an article by Jennifer Armentrout on who pays an author, apparently there’s some debate on whether or not the reader is paying the author’s salary. I won’t go into it all here, but I’ll link you to her. I think she explained it very well.


In the end, though it’s not a traditional salary, the money that any author earns comes from the reader and I’m immensely thankful for each and every one of mine.

It’s here! Cover release!


Here it is! The cover of the next book, along with the title. Release date will be December 9, 2014.

Kitsune book 4 has a title.

But am I ready to share it? I’m tempted to make you wait, just to build a little tension. I’m woring on the cover, I may just make you all wait till then.