I’ve had several people ask…

so I’ll share this here at well (I’ve been making comments on Facebook, but there was no real announcement)

I’m currently working on the next Kitsune book. I’m hoping to finish the first draft by the end of the summer, with revisions, editing, formatting, cover etc. I’m hoping for an early December release…

So far I don’t have a title yet, but I’m open to suggestions. (Yes, they’ll have to be blind guesses, since I’m not telling what book 4 is about… I will tell you I’m looking for a one word title to match the rest.””)

Has your brain ever taken a Twitter day?

You know, one of those days when you have a shockingly short attention span?  I’m having one today. I feel like everything I do must be short and sweet and small enough to put in a tweet. I’ve tried getting things done, I give up half way through to do something else.  How do you deal with these days?

My experience at the Tucson Festival of Books

I ‘m sure I’ll be talking about the Festival and what I learned for some time, but first I’ll give an general overview. I had never been to the festival before, I’ve never been to a conference before. I had no idea what to expect.

I had wanted to go alone, and made plans to attend panels and workshops for most of both days. However, childcare for my younger two fell through and I ended up dragging them with me both mornings. The first day, most of the workshops and panels I wanted to attend were not child friendly. Things like talks about erotica and dismemberment in the desert. Instead I walked the entire fair with them. They worked hard to collect all the freebies they could get, while I got a look around, and chatted with the people at different booths.

The main fair area was much like a street fair. Booths for all kinds of things, schools, hospitals, businesses, authors, etc. While not hugely informative, the kids had fun. In the afternoons I was with out the munchkins and I was able to attend several panels, in which I learned a great deal.

I definitely plan on going back next year (March 15-16 for those interested) and if I can manage it, without kids. If I didn’t have to feed them, I could have packed snacks for me and spent all day in workshops and panels and I think I would have gotten a great deal more out of it.

For anyone interested, check out the Tucson Festival of Books website, it has a ton of information on what goes on, both the events and the authors!