Greenlee County Fair

I had an amazing time! I saw a huge number of people that I hadn’t seen in years, some in 20 or more! Even a cousin that had to tell me who he was. I got to meet a lot of new people and tell even more about my books.

I was able to get my books into two new libraries! So if you live in the Clifton area or in Graham County, go in and ask for them, they should be available in both systems by now. I also hope to be able to schedule an event at the Safford Library in the future (when is going to depend on coordinating my schedule and theirs.)

It was a great trip and one I hope to do again next year. I’m also looking at the possibility of finding someone to share the booth with me and being able to go to the Graham County Fair next year.

Greenlee County Fair

I had an outstanding time. I got to see and spend time with more friends and family than I have in years, even better than the school reunion last year.

I came home tired and sore (standing on a cement floor for 12 hours straight for several days does that to me, I must be getting old) but happy and relaxed. Even after the long drive home.

There’s a county fair here in Yuma, but it’s way too big to suit me. I like the little one I grew up with. It would be nice to take my kids, but it was wonderful to get away and not have that responsibility for a couple days too.