Lots going on here.

I had 3 kids start school this week and my last one starts on Monday. While I’m happy to have them back in school, it’s a pain too. The shopping, the running, the back and forth. On top of that, this week has been our hottest yet this summer. I spent half an hour outside the girls school yesterday in 114 degree heat. This hasn’t helped with either my mood or my creativity.

A General Update.

What’s going on around here? I’m trying to get some writing in while I either hide from the heat (we saw 113F today, and we’re forecast for 117 tomorrow and the next day.) I tend to rush out to the car, from the car to whatever store I’m headed to, or into the gym where there’s a pool, then back to the car and house. It’s too hot out to think about staying out more. If I have to spend more than 5 minutes out side I do it either late at night or very early in the morning.

I’m also working on the last minute details of the release of Choosing Happiness next month. And I have an announcement I’ll be making soon. I’m excited, I can’t wait to share with everyone.

Ready for the end of summer.

Yesterday, as I stayed inside working on revisions of my next release, I watched the indoor/outdoor thermometer. Mostly so I could be glad I wasn’t out in the heat. Then my girls had softball practice…. and I sat in 108 degree heat for an hour and a half. Not my idea of fun. Not my idea of pleasant. I mean really.. it’s the second half of September already, let’s have some cooler weather!

I’d love 70’s, but I’ll settle for not triple digits… please!

It’s summer…

Which, here, means hellish heat. Right now it’s almost noon and the official temperature is 90, however, the outdoor thermometer at my house says 105. Yesterday’s official high was 102, I actually saw 114, it may have gotten higher, but that’s what I saw.  Have I mentioned that I’m not fond of the heat? I had a bout of heat exhaustion when I was 18 and I’ve been sensitive to it ever since.

So, summer here means I hide in the house or I find a pool to live in. Since I refuse to have a pool at my house (for several reasons, insurance and maintenance costs not the least of them) the pool thing is more difficult. Until now. I recently found out a family gym not too far away that has a pool, for the monthly membership fee I can take the kids over and we can play in the pool as much as we want while they’re open. That’s where we’re headed this afternoon. I plan on a couple hours a day, at least most days, for the rest of the summer. It should help us stay nice and cool… and it wears the kids out!


The last week has been rough. I had a kid home sick most of the week last week, then she was generous enough to share her illness with me, so I spent the weekend trying to recover. Things have been crazy busy around here and I’ve had a really hard time concentrating.

I think part of my concentration problem is my glasses… I took the suggestion of the optician last year and had the lenses slightly tinted brown, not dark like sunglasses, just slightly, then the photo-gray added on top of that so that they would get darker in the sun. At first I really liked it, it cut down on night driving glare (a big issue for me, when I drive at night.) But over time it’s become a nuisance.

I spend much of my year in a semi-dark house. Why? Because to block out the heat, (temps of 120+ F.) it also blocks out much of the light. So I can close the curtains and block out the heat but then I have to turn on a light, it drives me crazy.

So I went in and had a new eye exam last month (We do it yearly, it’s habit,) and ordered new glasses. Kid 1 got her glasses in 2 weeks (it was just she and I this time, Kid 2 doesn’t wear glasses and Kid 3 isn’t due till June.) The shop called me right at week 3 to tell me my glasses were in… I went into pick them up and I when the tech pulled them out to make sure they were clean that they weren’t the right glasses… the prescription was right. but they were totally not the frames I’d ordered. And they were so hideous I wouldn’t take them. So they had to reorder the glasses, hopefully they’ll get the right ones in this time, and hopefully faster.

In the mean time, I struggle with concentrating…

Maybe I’ll switch to the laptop and just take my glasses off.