It’s summer…

Which, here, means hellish heat. Right now it’s almost noon and the official temperature is 90, however, the outdoor thermometer at my house says 105. Yesterday’s official high was 102, I actually saw 114, it may have gotten higher, but that’s what I saw.  Have I mentioned that I’m not fond of the heat? I had a bout of heat exhaustion when I was 18 and I’ve been sensitive to it ever since.

So, summer here means I hide in the house or I find a pool to live in. Since I refuse to have a pool at my house (for several reasons, insurance and maintenance costs not the least of them) the pool thing is more difficult. Until now. I recently found out a family gym not too far away that has a pool, for the monthly membership fee I can take the kids over and we can play in the pool as much as we want while they’re open. That’s where we’re headed this afternoon. I plan on a couple hours a day, at least most days, for the rest of the summer. It should help us stay nice and cool… and it wears the kids out!

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