Change, Free

For a limited time, Change is available as an ebook for FREE.

Right now it’s on Smashwords but if you’ll go tell Amazon about the lower price it should be there soon too.


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2 Comments on “Change, Free”

  1. lil says:

    Read Change (Kitsune) today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading your next one and watching your writing style develop.
    Obviously your an Anne McCaffrey fan as well, her writing style was amazing…I have almost all of her books and reread them frequently. Its really sad thats she’s no longer with us, her son Todd is taking on some of her ‘worlds’ but his writing is more technically inclined. I am hoping that you will be a prolific writer and help fill some of the void left by Anne’s passing.
    All the best for you future.

    • Thanks so much! This is the sweetest and most touching thing anyone has ever said to me!
      There are more to come in the Kitsune series, and I’m not yet sure how long the series will be.
      Also, the White Mountain Chanat series are Kitsune shifters as well, but cougars instead of wolves and in a different location, the second book in that series should be out this winter.

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