Writing and Music

I’ve learned in the few years that I’ve been writing seriously that music seems to help the process. Different types of music help in different ways, but they all help.

Up until this last summer I’ve listened to country music almost exclusively, but with some of the life events I found that I needed to change things up and I started asking friends for suggestions. Since then I’ve really expanded my music selection, and I’ve found that I have a fondness for music much harderthan I’ve ever listened to before.

While I still listen to artists like Jason Aldean and Christian Kane, I’ve discovered a love for Theory of a DeadmanGodsmack and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few.

I’ve also discovered that how you listen  to the music makes a difference. For some reason, headphones work better for me than speakers, even if I’m the only one in the house and it’s blasting louder than I would set my headphones.