Demented Souls Book 5


Sadist had made a commitment, one that didn’t include a woman, at least not one of his own, but was it possible he could have more?

Sadist had lived the last ten years with one goal in mind. To make this world safer for people like his family. He lived to protect his fellow Demented Souls, his club brothers. That didn’t leave room for the softer parts of life like a wife or family. He didn’t know if he could share the secret that kept his brothers alive. But who would be willing to let him keep those secrets from them?

Beth was just trying to get through a rough spot. Between work and helping her parents, she was getting by but that was all. Then a tall, tattooed man walked in to her salon for a haircut. The last thing she expected was for the man who made her stomach flip to be interested in her. Until he came back and asked her out.

Can Beth and Sadist figure out how to make things work or will the secrets and misunderstandings be too much?

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