Demented Souls book 4


Can love survive secrets and lies?

Chris Kinard lives a double life. In one he’s an emergency room nurse, who saves lives and helps the sick. In the other, he’s the club medic and a member of the Demented Souls MC. While the secrecy of these dual existences heavily weighs on him, Kinard knows he could never turn his back on the brotherhood.

Unable to take the soul-crushing stress of the ICU any longer, Deanna prays transferring to the emergency room will be an improvement. While she wasn’t counting on another nurse capturing her heart, one look at Kinard made her pulse race. As much as she longs to be with him, Deanna knows there are parts of his life he’s keeping hidden from her.

How long can Kinard keep up the charade before his world comes crashing down? Will his web of secrets destroy any chance with Deanna?

From NYT Best Selling Author, Melissa Stevens, comes a sizzling motorcycle club

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