Demented Souls Book 3


A prospect trying to earn his patch. An ex-hooker rescued by the club. Can she accept the only thing he has to give?

Dumbass had made some mistakes, but planning the club Independence Day party wasn’t going to be one of them.
But he’d need some help. When Jailbait stepped up, and took command over the other girls, he noticed her for the first time. But as a prospect, he had no place wanting her.

Jailbait liked being around the club, but she wanted more than to be passed around the brothers. Looking far younger than her age wasn’t helping. But when the club 4th of July party puts her working with Dumbass, something develops.

But is he in a position where it could work? Will he be put off by her past? Club rules and customs might just keep them apart, how would they manage?

Read Dumbass today to find out if Dumbass and Jailbait can make things work.

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