Back to work.

After nearly two weeks of nursing my other half, he’s back to the point of nearly being able to care for himself. He can get up, move around, do what needs to be done, though he milks it for all the attention he can get. It’s time for me to get back to work. Back to working on the next installment in Nickie’s story.

Getting back to work is easier said than done. My house still has 4 other people in it all the time. School doesn’t start for another nine days for one kid, and sixteen days for the other two. The other half will play invalid for another month. All this adds up and the distractions can be difficult to ignore. Thankfully, I have headphones and can turn my music up loud to ignore them all. While the kids are still home they can run errands for their father. I’ll deal with having to do them myself when they’re back in school. In the mean time, I’ll get as much done as I can.

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