What I’m reading ~ Lover Reborn ~ J. R. Ward

This is Black Dagger Brotherhood book 10.

Thorment learns that Wellsie, his shellan, isn’t in the Fade and it’s his fault. He struggles with letting her go so that she and their baby can move on. At the same time N’one is struggling with her place in the fortress, especially having lived so long in self-imposed exile. The angel Lassiter is convinced that these two are key to each other, but how does he get them to see it?

While all this is going on the Brotherhood is trying to deal with the Band of Bastards, a group similar to the Brotherhood in that they kill Lesser’s however they don’t have the discipline or sanctions of history or the King on their side. The BoB leader Xcor has decided that he wants to be King and is working toward that goal here in Caldwell.


What did I think? I enjoyed it. Once I get my mind back into the language of the series, and into the wannabe gangster speech that much of the Brotherhood uses I really enjoy the stories. I had been waiting for Thorment’s story for sometime, and it was well worth the wait.

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