And the flu eats a week of your life.

I can only be thankful that I didn’t have a project I was working on, or a deadline I was rushing to make. That disease called the flu but which would be more accurately named Creeping Coughing Crud attack me last week and it took me down hard.

A week later I’m almost over the worst of it. I still have a slight, lingering cough and a bit of a phlegm problem but it no longer makes me break out in a sweat to cross the room, or to move more than 3 feet from where ever I’ve been sitting, and I’m able to sleep flat again. Which means I’m back to sleeping in my own bed, always a plus in my mind.

My kids have just started their spring break, which means I’ll get to start rewrites as soon as school is back, next week. I’m hoping that goes well, and I can get Fight published by the end of the summer.

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