Mireille Chester Blog Tour Visit and Interview

I’d like to welcome Mireille Chester here today as a part of her Blog Tour. We have a short interview and a review of her latest book Chael’s LuckChael's Luckbanner (1)

First, Mireille answers a few questions for us.

Melissa Stevens: What’s your writing process? write when inspired? make time? daily word goal? Etc.

Mireille Chester: For the most part, I just get the kids ready for school, make a pot of coffee and start to write. Because I am a stay at home mom, I’m fortunate enough that I can just write all day if I feel like it. I do tend to leave the housework a bit longer than I should, though, thankfully, my husband is very understanding and will often do laundry for me. 😀 I don’t have any goals for the day or week. I find that if I do that, I get a nasty case of writer’s block.

MS: Do you write to music, other noise, or have to have silence?

MC: I have to have noise. If my three year old isn’t at preschool, then Treehouse is usually on TV. If it’s just me in the house, I have music playing.

MS: If you write to some set noisemaker, list a few, give us an idea of your preferences.

MC: I tend to have set songs for certain stories I’m working on. I think it’s just the mood of the music that go with the mood of the story line, or sometimes there’s a specific song that reminds me of the characters. For Chael’s Luck, some of the songs that struck a chord with me were ‘Us Against the World’ by Westlife, ‘When I Look at You’ by Miley Cyrus, ‘When You’re Gone’ by Avril Lavigne, ‘Raise Your Glass’ by Pink, ‘Must be Doing Something Right’ by Billy Currington, as well as many more.

MS: Why do you self-publish?

MC: The reason I self-publish my ebooks (and I have to say it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done) is because the publishing company I signed on with only publishes hardcopies. Thankfully, I met some fantastic people online who helped me with the process and now I try to return the favour by helping newer authors who also wish to self-publish.

MS: Of all your books, which is your favorite?

MC: Ooh, that’s a hard one. ‘Crossover’ will definitely hold a special spot in my heart because it was the first of my stories to be published. Having said that, ‘Destiny’, the last book of ‘The Chosen One Trilogy’ is the best in the series (I think). ‘Chael’s Luck’ is my favorite of the young adult stories so far (Here, I’d say ‘Tyler’s Story’, but my publisher isn’t releasing it until December… so I don’t think it qualifies yet. Lol.)

MS: Are you a Mac or are you a PC? 

MC: PC.  I have never owned a Mac. 

Thanks for having me on your blog!

Now, a brief review of Chael’s Luck.

Chael is a young knight in training struggling against not only the competition of training and qualifying as a knight but against being the smallest of them all. Once knighthood is achieved Chael faces a whole new set of challenges, but is he up for them?

What did I think? I enjoyed it. The story was an easy read, very YA friendly, with a twist that I think will intrigue many readers.

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