NaNo ‘12 Day 8

Is there such a thing as a stress hangover? It sure feels like it today. I’m exhausted and struggling to think and by the time I got the kids home at 5 my brain had just quit functioning. I did manage a little over 1k words today, I’m a couple hundred behind now. I’m not worried though, I’m sure I’ll catch back up soon. I’m calling it a night early in hopes I’ll do better tomorrow when I’m better rested.

Stressful week.

On Tuesday I spent eleven hours, yes, 11 hours, sitting in the Ambulatory Surgery waiting room in a VA Hospital. The first five were while my other half had cervical disk replacement surgery. I am certain those hours were the most stressful I’ve ever had. I was so uptight and worried that I couldn’t even read. That’s saying something for me, since I’ve always used reading to escape from whatever life issue I didn’t want to deal with.

The last six hours were waiting for him to come out of recovery. Yes, six hours in recovery. In the end, they didn’t release him like planned, his pain was harder to control than they expected and they ended up keeping him overnight. My mom had our kids, so I was able to stay with him in his room.

They released him late on Wednesday, but he wasn’t feeling well enough to make the 4 hour ride home, so we ended up staying in a hotel. 2 adults, 3 kids and 1 five-month old lab puppy. We ended up with two rooms in order to keep the hyper puppy away from the still hurting patient. Yesterday we came home. I was never so glad to see my house, and my bed.

Things are still in a bit of an upheaval, but it’s getting better. I’m starting to be able to talk to my voices again. I was in so much internal turmoil that they just weren’t talking to me. Now they’re realizing that things are okay and talking to me again. I know things are right when my mental friends talk to me.