Movie Review ~ Red Dawn (2012)

Action / Released in 2012/ starring Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson

Remake of 1984 film with the same name. Modernized and retold, though the same basic story of an American town being invaded by terrorists. A group of teenagers evades capture and pit themselves against the invaders while fighting for freedom.


What did I think? I really enjoyed it. The story was updated and renewed, and without the use of the same names on the main characters, it could have been a different, though similar movie. It was great.

Four howls.

Movie Review ~ The Hunger Games

Adventure / Sci-Fi, released in 2012, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth

In a dystopian world, every year the government selects one boy and one girl from each district to enter a battle to the death on live television in order to remind the people who controls them. This year Katniss volunteers to take her younger sister’s place, after Primrose name is drawn. Can she survive the deadly game?


What did I think?  I read the books a couple of years ago, long enough that I had to wait for the last book to come out. They did a good job on translating the book to a movie without losing major story elements. Obviously, they had to leave things out, you can’t fit everything from such a gripping book into a two hour movie, but it was very well done.

My rating? 4 howls.