Demented Souls book 8


Tuck left home more than twenty years ago to be his own man. Now he’s called back with the news that both his parents are dead and he needs to be there.
He doesn’t want to go. He’s built a life with the Demented Souls. They’ve been his family for the last ten years. But something tells him that may be changing.

London is stuck in a life she hates. Wishing she’d gotten out when she had the chance. She’s sick of her dead end job tending bar in Deadwood. Intent on complaining to a friend one night she texts her. or she thought she did. Instead her message went to a wrong number.

With nothing more than miles between them, Tuck and London build a friendship over text. Then Tuck got word he needed to back to where he grew up, which just happened to be less than two hundred miles from where London was. They made plans to meet but when he went to his mother’s funeral, he found more there than he’d expected.

When they find themselves surrounded by bikes that try to run them off the road, things become terrifying. Can they figure out what’s going on before it’s too late or will something happen to end things before they find out how much they care about each other?

If you like motorcycle club romances with in charge men, pick up your copy of Tuck today!

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