Released by Desire is LIVE!!

Released1600x2400_thumb.jpgTeya wakes one morning to discover an unknown man lying beside her. She soon realizes her bedmate is the man she’s been dreaming about for more than 2000 years. All this time, she’s believed he was merely part of her imagination, but she was so wrong. Jericho is now here, in the flesh. In the last place she expected to find him, her bed. She wants him, there’s no doubt about it, but how will her fellow Quetzalcoatl take this? Much less the entire dragon Fraction of Las Vegas? Will the shifters she leads demand she step down, or can they be convinced to accept him?

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Released by Desire is the my first book in the City of Sin collection, it can be read as a stand alone book, as can all of my books in this series. However, there is a larger story arc that goes over the entire collection. Check out the rest of the City of Sin books here.

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