What I’m Reading ~ Edge of Courage ~ Elaine Levine

This is the first book in the Red Team series.

After more than seven years on an undercover assignment in Afghanistan, Rocco is out of the military now, but he’s haunted by things he can barely remember. He doesn’t sleep because the nightmares will come, but they don’t always stay away when he’s awake either. When his friend and buddy, Kit, asks him to back to their hometown, Wolf Creek Bend, Colorado, to check into some trouble his sister is having, he doesn’t want to go, but he owes his buddy.

Mandy wasn’t thrilled that her brother sent someone to check up on her, but she soon realized that he needed to be there as much as she needed the help. She knows that with patience and persistence, she can help him to deal with the past that haunts him, but will he let her? When her brother’s troubles make her a part of them, she’s more thankful to have him there to help her, but is that all there is to it?


What did I think? I loved it. It showed more of the darker side of what some of our returning soldiers are dealing with and what it takes to help them back. At the same time there was an intriguing mystery and a good romance. I can’t wait to pick up the next one in the series.


4 howls.

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