Annual camping trip, part three, Bonus! The trip home.

For those of you wondering, yes, I did go fishing… but I didn’t do the whole get up at the crack of dawn and sit there for hours waiting for a bite thing. The old man got up and took the younger two out, I dropped them off, then went to the ONE small spot around the lake that gets cell and internet signal, I spent about 45 minutes checking messages and dealing with business before going back to camp where Kid 1 was still asleep. At noon, the kid and I went back to where the family was fishing.. I took my kindle. I sat down, Hubster handed me a pole and within 20 minutes I’d landed 5 trout. We limited out  (24 for our family) in 2 hrs. That was my fishing. I was done.

Back at camp, Hubster cleaned the fish while I got stuff ready to make dinner and do a little bathing (sponge baths are bathing while camping.) over all, we had a good day.

Then there was the trip home.

It started out all right,  and we were about half way home when another driver took advantage of a passing lane to let us know we had a problem. We pulled off at first opportunity and found that the fresh water tank that we’d had remounted under the trailer in March had fallen out, it was scraping the ground under the trailer and the strap that had been holding it up was dragging and throwing sparks. Hubster crawled under the trailer and determined we couldn’t get the tank all the way out, so we wove a rope (the one we’d used to tie up the dog) across the frame to hold it up, we cut the strap loose so it wouldn’t be scraping anymore, but we also discovered that the flapping strap had cut two tires, one pretty badly so we had to put the spare on that one.

We eased it the last 20 miles to the next town where we stopped and got bungie cords to help tie up the water tank and headed home. It was a long trip, that ended up taking only 30 minutes less than the trip up (which is big, anyone who does much mountain driving will tell you down is always faster than up.)

In the end, I was glad to get home, glad to get a shower, but I miss the cool weather. I don’t think we had a day that got over 75 and the 100+ here are not fun.