Work, Edits, Racing, Illness

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in my house. I’ve got yet another cold, though I’m on the recovery side of it now. I’ve been making weekly trips to the racetrack in Tucson (3hrs away) for the last 5 weeks for racing (I’m a Paramutual teller, that means I sell the bets) and I have one week left. I am working on the edits for Risking Alex so I can get it out to my ARC readers, and that’s on top of kids, food, house, etc. that has to happen daily. I have more going on but a girl needs to have a few secrets….. What are you all up to?

2 Comments on “Work, Edits, Racing, Illness”

  1. mgshepard says:

    Hi, how are you today for me after work I rest up for the next day I work because my bod is sore the whole day , my wife says it is because I’m

    • I don’t work outside the house daily, so that’s a bit easier on me, though managing life for 6 people isn’t simple either! I’m recovering, but the cough will probably linger for a few days.

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