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When Cynthia goes to a bar with her best friend for their monthly night out, she expects it to be a normal evening. But when she goes to the bar, she gets picked as the lucky winner of that night’s prize.

“Lucky you,” her best friend says.

Cynthia gets presented with a sexy man named Frederic who is wrapped in ribbons. Little does she know that it is more than just his scrumptious body that she’ll be getting.



The bar had a smoky haze that caused Cynthia Knight to cough. Her best friend, Alison, sat next to her nursing a gin and tonic. Neither of them spoke. There was no point in it anyway, because the noise inside of the bar was deafening. Just when Cynthia thought she wanted to go home, the sound of a loud microphone’s screeching distracted her.

“Ladies, ladies, and more ladies,” the man at the mike said. “Welcome to ladies’ night here at MJ’s bar. My name is Dee Wizard. Are you having a good time?”

There was the sound of loud screaming from the drunken girls in front. Cynthia and Alison grinned and exchanged glances. The two of them had been that way once.

Alison leaned over and said in Cynthia’s ear, “We’re boring, aren’t we?”

“I was just thinking that,” Cynthia said, laughing. “Remember when we were in our twenties and screamed at bars like that. Now we’re thirty-five, and you’re married and only get to have one girls’ night a month.”

“At least we get fewer hangovers,” Alison said, tossing back her head in laughter.

The two of them swung around in their seats and watched the show. Cynthia knew what would happen. One of the women in the crowd would be chosen to go up on stage and would get some embarrassing prize, probably a sex toy, and then everybody would laugh and get back to the business of drinking. After all, that was what happened every ladies’ night at MJ’s.

That was when something different happened. A man was led across the stage wearing a bright red bow across his perfectly sculpted chest. He had an eight-pack, eyes the color of swimming pools, and day-old growth on his chiseled jaw. He looked to be in his early forties, and he was as attractive as any actor that Cynthia had ever seen. She gasped and leaned over to Alison.

“Good Lord, I think that the gift itself is being able to look at him,” Cynthia said. “Five bucks says that when he isn’t being gift wrapped, he has a model wife and smiles at people for money.”

“Can’t deny that,” Alison said. “If I wasn’t married, I’d duct tape that man to my bed.”

Both of them sighed in unison and then dissolved into laughter.

“So what do you think of tonight’s gift, ladies?” Dee Wizard asked. “He’s sexy, and he’s ready to go upon unwrapping.”

There were more loud screams.

“Now, ladies, normally I choose the lucky woman out of the crowd to come up and get the gift, but tonight we decided to do something different so that you shy gals get a turn,” Dee Wizard said. “Underneath every drink glass, there should be a paper number attached. Whoever gets the number 3856 will be the winner of one date with Mr. Fredric Gantz.”

There was loud scrambling as all the women turned over their glasses. Cynthia didn’t bother. She never won things like this. She looked around at the crowd, watching for an excited face. None. Everybody around her appeared sullen and disappointed. She turned and gazed at Alison, who also had not even bothered to upturn her glass.

“Come on, ladies,” Dee Wizard said. “Somebody got to have the number.”

Cynthia turned over her glass and felt her face grow hot. 3856. She had the lucky number. After leaning over her shoulder, Alison gasped in shock.

“Anyone?” Dee Wizard asked. “Anyone?”

Cynthia was too stunned to raise her hand, but Alison reached over and forced her arm into the air and waved. Her excited shriek matched that of the girls’ in front.

“She has it,” Alison cried, still waving. “She’s 3856.”

Several women moaned in disappointment. Cynthia just sat rigid in her seat, unable to move. I won? Me? No way.


Trying for My Dom


Colette loves being a submissive, but for the past three years, she’s had a drought of available dominants. It doesn’t help that her last partner ignored her safe words and made her skittish.

That’s when she sees Miller, a dominant who she met at a bondage club that she used to frequent. At the time, he had already had a submissive, but now, he’s single and on the hunt for a partner. The only problem is that he’s just as picky as she is, and he wants her to perform a rigorous test to see if she is worthy of being collared by him. Can she handle the heat?

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