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Morganna Cork has survived her first month in Puesta Del Sol. A month in which she discovers she’s part of the Magick community filled with shifters, psychics, werewolves and individuals with myriad other powers.

Her estranged aunt, Aiofe, has returned to take control of the Magick Council, the Cliffside Inn, and the sacred stones that her cousin Maeve and she hold in their possession.

With the help of a mysterious magical historian, Morganna learns that she is at the center of this Magick battle and that Aiofe will stop at nothing to get her hands on an ancient family heirloom and Morganna.

The romantic tension between Morganna Stone and werewolf pack leader, Callupo Stone, reaches its breaking point as the Cliffside Inn is under siege and they navigate their way through the betrayals and dangers of this war.

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Today we have an excerpt, not from This book but from a previous one in the series:

Below is a short excerpt from Ralph Stone’s point of view, following the close of the second novel. Ralph is one of the Morganna Cork Series beloved characters:

Morganna’s been gone for three weeks now. My brother’s been totally batshit about it. That unique kind of batshit that only comes from being dead wrong. What did he expect? That she would run straight for him, arms spread, and thank him for what he did? If he thought that, he knows even less about women than I thought he did. And trust me, the bar was only a millimeter off the floor.

That’s the thing about most dudes, they are shockingly, nearly criminally, stupid when it comes to their personal lives. He hasn’t been the same since she pulled in our driveway a couple of months ago. He came back into the house and slammed the door so hard the living room clock fell from its perch over the fireplace and shattered into a thousand pieces. He picked up every shard of glass with his bare hands. I stood by and waited it out. There’s no talking to him when he’s like that. I’m glad for it. When mom and dad died he closed the spigot to his emotions, gone alongside the grief was his dark humor and my fun older brother. Morganna comes to town and he’s got emotions spilling like hot steam from a crockpot. No stopping it. I rather enjoyed watching him make a mess of things.

I suppose I could have kicked him in the nuts and let him know the reason he was being a freak show. But where was the fun in that? Besides, not my style. I don’t give out unsolicited advice, just as a general rule. Even when they do ask, they aren’t ready to hear their own truth. Then, they redirect their anger right at me and then what do I have to show for it?

He was going to rip my throat out when I told him that I knew where she was. That I’ve known for a good week now. If he stopped and thought for just one second he’d figure it out. Where else was I disappearing to for the entire day? To be fair, I didn’t find her on my own. That Ilana Smith is a real piece of work. She broke into Morganna’s credit card account and looked up the charges. I didn’t ask how she figured out the password. I leaned against the brick wall across from where Morganna was drinking a chai latte and smirked. Ilana was definitely something, underneath all that heinous bitch, she was highly entertaining and smart. Too smart. I chuckled thinking about her reaction to my hug. I’d cupped her by both of the ears and laid one right on her lips. That had shut her up.

A tall, fair-haired man joined Morganna at the table and I perked up. He dipped down and laid a kiss on her cheek. Callupo wouldn’t like that at all. Goldilocks took out a laptop and began clacking away at the keys. They didn’t talk, Morganna read the same book she’d been reading for three days now and he plugged away tirelessly away at his task. After a quarter hour, I checked my watch. I needed to report for duty soon. Reluctantly, I left her with this man and headed back to the Cliffside.

Ralph Stone is a fan favorite and currently we’re casting the “dream actor” to play him in a movie on his pinterest board:

About the Author:

B. Jane Lawson photo

B. Jane Lawson lives in Los Angeles where she is a business woman by day, writer by night and cyclist on the weekends. Her obsessions include Starbucks soy chai lattes, fashion, and music.

She has had a life long love affair with novels of all kinds. B. Jane’s favorite genres include paranormal romance, historical fiction and true crime. Her favorite authors include Amy Tan, Karen Marie Moning, Pat Conroy, Jane Austen and J.K. Rowling. She loves to travel and her dream vacation is a safari in Africa.

Find B. Jane oniline at her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads

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