What I’m Reading ~ Fair Game ~ Patricia Briggs

This is book three in the Alpha & Omega series.

Charles is struggling with his guilt over the killings he has had to do for his father, and the ghosts that that guilt feeds, and in the process he is withdrawing from Anna. Anna is desperate to help Charles but it seems her pleas to Bran are falling on deaf ears. When Bran sends Anna on a diplomatic mission for the werewolves he may have actually found something that could help Charles, or will hit hurt him more?


What did I think? I enjoyed it, it wasn’t something I couldn’t put down, or something that haunted me to pick it back up when I had to lay it down (or maybe my brain is just so buried in the story I’m trying to tell,) but I could easily loose myself in the story and I really enjoyed the tale of these two characters I’ve come to care about.

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