Pelican Lake Trilogy

Ashley just graduated college and has gone home for one last free summer. She never planned to meet Jared. Jared has issues of his own. He’s come to the lake to get away from temptation and easy access. What he finds there is even more tempting. 

Stephanie has come home for part of her summer vacation, but what she failed to tell her parents is she’s hiding from a stalker. When Noah spots her terror, he steps in to offer help. But is there more here than meets the eye? 

Zach has lived along the shores of Pelican Lake for most of his life. He grew up here, he fell in love here and he had his heart broken here. Now after more than ten years, he sees her again. Dani. The girl he loved. The girl he planned to marry. The girl who broke his heart. But she’s not a girl any more. More than ten years has passed and he wonders why she’s come back.

Lust, terror, rage, jealousy, hurt. None of them knew what a single summer on Pelican Lake would hold but can they make it work out?

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