Fight600x900.jpgNickie is still learning to navigate the complexities of this new life. Now that she knows about mating she must deal with Brandon’s insistence that she’s his mate, but Nickie knows it isn’t true. What will she have to do to convince him?

While Nickie deals with the changes in her life, and harassment by a group of elitist shifters,  Bill asks her to go to Seattle on pack business. But the trip won’t be as easy as expected, can she survive what’s headed her way?

Read Fight excerpt here,

*warning, may contain spoilers to earlier books in the series. 


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3 Comments on “Fight”

  1. […] Fight is due out this summer, though the cover isn’t in yet, and I’m excited to share! I hope you’ll find Fight to be a fitting and entertaining continuation of Nickie’s story. […]

  2. Erin M says:

    yay cant wait I loved change and escape. got them through smashwords.

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