January Grow Team Giveaway

January Grow Team.jpg

Love reading & reviewing? Like finding new authors?

Wanna join a review team/street team?

We have over 20 authors of varying genres who would love to find new readers! Why join a team? (Or lots of teams?) There are so many perks…like FREE books, advanced notice of sales, giveaways, and new releases. Let’s not forget the swag and signed books so many authors give to their team as a reward for the support.
Give it a try!
Join some teams
and be entered to win
$150 in Amazon Gift Cards!
Participating Authors:
Aidy Award | Amanda Roberts | Ana Simon | Cassie-Ann L. Miller | Darcy Delany | Emma Nichols | Heather Young-Nichols | Ja’nese Dixon | Joanna Mazurkiewicz | Kamila Kole | Kate Kisset | Kiki Burrelli | Leigh Anderson | Melissa Stevens | Monica Corwin | Sam Destiny | Sammi Starlight | Sheila Blizz | Skye Jordan | Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Taige Crenshaw | McKenna Jeffries | Talia Carmichael | Teddy Hester | Tina Glasneck | Tracy Douglass
Enter to win!

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